Re-draw roundup! #1 (Pg-13 for nudity)

Anyone who’s ever checked out my DA page, has probably seen the original of this one.

Here it is for newcomers:

It’s… not painful, but it’s not great. The legs are AWFUL though. It’s from a few years ago when I was OBSESSED with geisha. I decided that since everyone I talked to had a different take on whether or not the geisha had at one point been courtesans and I failed utterly at anatomy, here was a great chance to attempt a nude and indulge in geisha-drawing by drawing such a hypothetical courtesan geisha.

(esh, I just realized, she looks like an embarrassed teenager. Yuck.)

I was pretty satisfied with her at the time, but now that I actually know that the ankle bone connects to t he foot bone and how muscles are shaped, I think I can do better.

I’m a lot happier with this lady-of-the-night, personally. She’s got 100x better proportions, her legs look like legs, not silly-putty, and her hair falls much more naturally and less stiffly now that I’m not trying to use it to hide her naughty parts.

On that subject, yes you an see her breasts among other things. Please be mature about this, people.  As she IS basically an anatomy study, I decided she ought to be more or less visible.  And the “hair happened to fall over the breast” or “there’s a cushion over her crotch” seems like something I ought to have outgrown as an artist by now. If I can’t draw a nude body without squirming and feeling guilty, I’m in the wrong field.

(I’m really pleased with the tattoos too. So much fun drawing those)

What I’m NOT all that happy about, is the shading on the floor… I just couldn’t seem to get that nailed down to my satisfaction, so I let it be. Maybe on the next re-draw, eh?


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