Gargoyle Selfie

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Because Gargoyles are awesome and I felt like it, mostly.gargoyle-selfie

Gargoyle-Me, my cat, and my sketchbook, chilling on a rooftop.

Something I never really paid much attention to when I watched this show as a kid was the lighting effects. Even as a kid, I could tell a lot of effort and attention to detail went into this show, and I appreciated the more grown-up tone and the mythology woven into it. But looking at the artwork again, I noticed whole new levels I hadn’t even realized were there before.

Since the show happened largely at night (turning to stone by day and all that) the lighting tended to carefully mirror the tone of each scene and to lend itself to the over-arching gothic tone of the show. A lot of heavy shadows, dramatic glowing eyes in the darkness and a lot of lighting from below helped create drama and atmosphere in a subtle, elegant way. I’m still working on mastering different styles of lighting, but I tried to mimic some of that shadowy dark feel while still keeping the portrait from looking too creepy. (I didn’t want to look like Gargoyle-Me was attacking the cat, for instance.) I could’ve certainly gone darker with the shadows, and I think it would’ve looked more in keeping with the tone of the show, but I wanted to keep things metaphorically light, meaning they had to stay literally light as well.

Enjoy kids :D More will be coming soon!

Style Meme – Leela

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Draw a character in a variety of styles? Challenge Accepted.

(As with most memes, this is a biggun)


I started this meme a few years ago, put it in a folder and forgot about it. While organizing my general art folder (which was quite disorganized) I came across it and decided it was about time to finish it out.

For the Saturday Morning Cartoon prompt, it took me a little while to decide what the appropriate ‘style’ was for Courage the Cowardly Dog. The show had a recognizable style, but it’s a bit hard to pin down just what makes it recognizable. I settled on distorted body shapes and sizes, odd coloration and manic expressions for most of the characters. In order to make them match the delightfully fucked up quality of the show, I used inspiration from a fan theory that makes a lot of sense: Everything in the show is shown through the eyes of a nervous little dog. That’s why his humans look normal but everyone else they meet looks terrifying and bizarre. It’s also why they live ‘in the middle of nowhere’. They probably  have neighbors but the world outside of the house is scary so the dog doesn’t leave the farm. Courage is constantly ‘rescuing’ his human from scary outside things (imagine every nervous little dog you’ve ever seen and how it barks at EVERYTHING). So, if he met Leela, she’d immediately get a big grin on her face and start cooing over him and want to grab and pet him. Hence her enormous manic grin and her feet becoming a flowing puddle. She’s everywhere so he can’t escape her attempts to cuddle him. Nibbler, I assume, would be able to communicate with him better, so Courage would see Nibbler more like the reality, but his fangs and extra eye would still be ranked under ‘scary’.

The shonen prompt required action, ridiculously long skinny limbs, large chest,  and low detail on things like hair and faces. It’s designed to appeal to teenage boys.


The shoujo prompt required huge eyes, minimal facial features, soft colors and So MUCH Cute. It burnssss usssss…..


I’m particularly proud of the lower half of this (it being the newer stuff that’s a little more polished).

More goodies will be coming. Enjoy :D


Chani – Dune

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(Long background rant here. Scroll down for the image if you’re not interested :D)

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Chani from the 2000 Dune miniseries. Now, to be fair, I haven’t read the books, and I hear she has a bit better treatment in them. More agency, gets more chances to be a bad ass; that sort of thing.  The actress who plays her is very pretty, but she’s also very… well… white. I believe she’s Czech, so I guess the casting person went “Yeah, accent. We’ll pretend it sounds Middle Eastern. Good ’nuff’.”

Now, I’m willing to buy that Paul and his family are white. It makes sense given what we know about where he’s come from. He’s basically the sci-fi equivalent of a European arriving in North African colonies, because the director isn’t particularly subtle with his allegory.. But a woman from a desert tribe that has been there for generation upon generation and is barely sun-kissed under her ‘desert dirt smudge’ makeup? … Nuh uh. Not buying it.

Chani got a little bit of a makeover in my version so that she actually looks kinda-sorta like a desert-dwelling woman. I was aiming for Middle-Eastern skin tone, but went slightly lighter on her hair since it would be somewhat sunbleached, even if she kept it covered most of the time. Her eyes are, of course, blue, from the Spice. I am told the book describes the effect more as just turning your entire eyeball blue with no iris, but I’m going with the representation from the mini-series. Glow-in-the-dark blue irises are still pretty neat.

Chani does get to be a bad ass at least a bit in the series, which is fun. She’s very matter-of-fact about her own badassery, which just makes it more enjoyable. She kills one of her … er… mate, I guess? ‘s challengers for him, since he’s busy meditating in a trance, and then doesn’t get why he would have a problem with this. “I killed him. You were busy. No big thing. I took care of it.” Taking on a fight to the death and winning easily is not a big deal for her, so why is he getting all worked up over it?

Unfortunately, Paul and a few other characters pee in the pool for the rest of us, doing things like referring to her as “his woman”. Chani is repeatedly told she’s going to have to share Paul, whether she likes it or not,  because being a Jesus allegory is clearly not enough to get him out of the ‘have to marry someone to form an alliance’ thing… for some reason the miniseries doesn’t really make clear… and often takes on a subservient role with him, despite being more than his equal intellectually and being the daughter of an infamous revolutionary leader. She also gets a whole lot weepier about the loss of her son than Paul does, which only sort of kind of makes sense. Paul is a bit of a sociopath for most of the later half of the series, so I guess his ‘manly tear’ moment is believable, but I feel that Chani collapsing into sobbing months after the event with little provocation,  when her reaction to the news AS SOON AS IT HAPPENED was essentially “Gasp! That sucks…”  just seems… out of place. She’s dealt with a LOT of death in her life. This war is not new, especially  not to her people. Her reaction seems oddly ‘damsel in distress’ like.

I decided to draw Chani more the way I think her character is TRYING to be: a calm, unflappable, tough, warrior woman to be reckoned with. She’s had a hard life but it’s made her strong. Her mate’s kind of nuts, but she loves him anyways. She can deal. Here, she’s reflective, thinking about the coming battle, but taking a moment to enjoy the cool of the early morning and watching the sun rise. (That said, she’s still armed, so anyone trying to ambush her is going to be in pain.)


The cave behind her is based on a photo of a cave, because for some reason I CANNOT draw those little buggers without a ton of struggle :/ It shouldn’t be so difficult, but it IS :/

Let the Wookie Dance.

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I’m in a shirt designing sort of mood today, it seems. After designing a concept for PretzeLX (more on that later) I felt like I simply had to play with an idea that came to me this morning, and set to work on it.

What is it you ask? Here’s a hint:

Han Solo: Let him have it. It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.

C-3PO: But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a droid.

Han Solo: That’s ’cause droids don’t pull people’s arms out of their sockets when they don’t to [swing out]. Wookiees are known to do that.

Chewbacca: Grrf.

C-3PO: I see your point, sir.



Yeah, I’m a dork.

These may end up for sale if there’s enough interest, but for now I’mma be a greedy little bugger and just make one for myself. If you want one, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to get a batch printed up :)

Wonder Woman Redesign

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Because I just got home from work around midnight – (Why, yes, my schedule DOES currently suck! Thanks for asking!) – I’m still coasting down to restfulness, and as such, was websurfing when I came across this shiny shiny thing :D

Most of the redesigns I LOVED. Starfire especially makes me happy. She’s playful and fun and captures all the good things about the character without the creepy fetishy feel of the original design. I adore her fire fauxhawk :D

The only one of these new designs that kind of left me cold was the Wonder Woman design. I like that she’s more muscular, and I enjoyed the Grecian hairstyle (I even borrowed the concept) but her outfit just wasn’t doing it.

Wonder Woman for me, has always been a fun character because she has presence. She’s royalty that can kick your ass in hand-to-hand combat and she KNOWS it. She’s an Amazon and she doesn’t take shit from anyone for any reason (when her books are done properly). The re-design reminded me more of a bored cosplayer, and I just wasn’t wowed by the new outfit, though it WAS much less sleazy looking.

SO I took a crack at making her a little more in line with her Amazon heritage as well as giving her more of that ‘bring it on, be-otch’ presence I enjoy so much.

This is a fairly quick drawing and I didn’t use a reference aside from the Buzzfeed images above, so take the anatomy with a grain of salt.


I gave her silver-colored armor because gold has always felt a bit tacky to me with the rest of her costume’s colors, and I wanted a slightly more no-nonsense feeling to her outfit. I tried to turn the stars into more of a personal crest and less as just a random decoration. She wears armor because… well… no duh. Warriors don’t generally go into battle wearing a tank-top or a bustier. In my version, her boots, gauntlets, and bodice actually serve a purpose (protecting her in battle, specifically). Her hair is in a somewhat Grecian style with a dreadlock-ponytail for practicality. ( I did enjoy the redesign version of her hair, but I liked it down for sheer aesthetics. The dreadlocks are a way to keep the hair out of the way without losing that aesthetic quality.)

Given that Wonder Woman is Greek, I gave her slightly more olive-toned skin-color, though I kept the bright-blue eyes and black hair because I think they give her a unique, recognizable look.  I also gave her more muscle and bulked her up a bit from the original, though not QUITE as beefy as the linked redesign. That felt a little overly bulky whereas I felt Wonder Woman would be slightly leaner and more agile and less of a tank.

Again, I loved most of the redesigns, and I completely respect the artist’s reasoning. I just felt WW needed something a little harder core to save the day in.

What do YOU think?



Ok, one more Sherlock post and then I’ll try to stop with it for a while

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… until Season 3 comes out and I start up all over again.


Fair warning kids, this is about to get ranty. You have been warned.


Ok,Seriously … ‘Cumberbitches’?! WTF kind of a name is that for a fandom? Yes he’s an attractive man. He’s a really good actor, and I’m a fan. But to call yourself his bitch? …. really?

Have some self-respect ladies (and possibly some gents too). You CAN like something a whole hell of a lot without prostrating yourself before it and screaming “I am not worthy!”. There is no need to start telling the entire internet how you’d totally like to have their babies.

You can also be a fan without making extremely crude comments about how you totally want to bone someone YOU HAVE NEVER MET OR SPOKEN TO. Seriously.

If I were famous and got this treatment I’d be scared shitless of my fans, for fear one of them would show up in my living room some night with a knife because they’re creepy obsessed. It is one thing to be a devoted fan and another thing to be just this side of a restraining order away from stalker.

I REALLY like this show. It’s well written and the acting is incredible. Would I love to have a chance to talk to/hang out with the stars? HELL YES. They appear to be adorably nerdy, silly folks. Just like a lot of my friends, only British and really famous. Why would I not want to hang out with them?

Would I molest them with my eyes, hump their leg, or jump around screaming my brains out like a moron? NO. (Ok, maybe a few small squees, but I feel that is acceptable, so :p)

Why? Because they’re people. They’re not the characters they play, they’re PEOPLE. People I admire, true, but they are not things for me to try to lay claim to, nor are they idols to be worshiped. They are just talented people doing what they do really well for our enjoyment. It’s fine to admire them and to be impressed. It’s not fine to turn into a crazy person one step away from sexual harassment because you’re really really into someone famous. They are not yours. They are their own. They do in fact already have friends and family and YOU ARE NOT PART OF THAT GROUP.

While we’re on the subject: let’s clear something up here. I love Johnlock. (That’s SherlockxJohn romance, by the way.) It’s adorable. However, those are two CHARACTERS that I find adorable paired together. Notice the names are Sherlock and John, not Benedict and Martin. Yes, the actors are (to my knowledge) friends. They take silly pictures together, it’s cute. BUT, and I don’t think I can make this clear enough: they are not dating each other in real life.  (And frankly, who even knows about the show, the writers like to toy with us all :p).  These are real people you’re drawing doing all sorts of really raunchy stuff to each other. Or writing about. Or photoshopping. Or whatever. The CHARACTERS are fictional, they are meant to be moved around by a story. If it amuses you to think that Sherlock likes to tie Watson to chairs for some ‘adult’ time, then whatever. But you cross a very definite line when you start forgetting that the actors are not the characters.The ACTORS are people, and I find it really creepy that people don’t seem to get the difference.

Can we, as a fandom, stop being weird and creepy about how we express our gratitude for the amazing show we’ve been given? It just really skeeves me out that people don’t seem to grasp that there IS a line between being a fan and being a creeper. Let’s not scare the people we admire by being screaming lunatics that throw metaphorical feces at the wall whenever we see them, ok? Let’s be reasonable, intelligent fans who can admire something a great deal without trying to hump it.

It’ll be good for all of us.


**UPDATE** Holy crap, Tumblr, wtf?! I like Johnlock romance, but half your feed is porn and creepy “I will kill myself if-” posts. GET A GRIP INTERNET. Yes, it’s an awesome show and I adore the characters, but it is a SHOW. Do you not get that posting pictures that are supposed to look like you slit your wrists might be a little creepy? Or splicing porn images with screen-caps from the show?

If any of the cast or crew are reading this, I apologize on behalf of the fandom. We’re not all batshit insane, I promise.

I am Sherlocked

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Yes, this show is STILL eating my brains. I can’t help it, it has everything I love in a good show, and ADORABLE leads. I just want them to hug it out already.

On that note, I’ve been a busy, busy girl writing lately. It’s all I’ve wanted to do. And what have I been writing, you may be wondering? What else?

The story is a run-through of the events of the show from Sherlock and John’s POVs. Sherlock is first and John is second. It also delves into John Watson’s personal history and between-episode events. Or at least the first 30 Chapters or so are. After that, since people were crying for more, I went ahead and wrote up the reunion between the boys and developed their relationship towards where I’d like to see it go too. There is no sex, smut, or out-of-characterness (at least I tried really hard to keep them in character). I tried to be as true to the characters (because I adore them) as I could be, and I’ve been told I did well :)

The story is *finally* done at 50 chapters and almost 27,000 words. I went back and grammar/spelling checked it and fixed all the mistakes I found, but you’re welcome to ping me if you find more :)

Edit: This story is done now :) which I’m sure you smart folks can all guess the subject of pretty quickly. (Yes, this one’s in-character too, as long as you’re not freaked out by the thought that two emotionally-constipated men could realize they’re in love with each other after almost a decade, that is) and then I hope to be able to get this brain-worm out of my head and get my life back underway. (Not holding my breath, but hey, Season 3 has to come along sooner or later, so I can stop obsessing and start watching again :D)

And I swear to bob, Moffat, if you marry Watson off to some random new character and throw away all the development between them, I will be so very very unhappy with you :/

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback, so hopefully it won’t disappoint :) (Non John-Sherlock shippers probably won’t like either one though…)

Does it make me weird that I relate more to Sherlock than I do to Watson? … Yeah, it probably does.

Enjoy kiddies. I’ll start posting artwork again after I’m done with my writing binge.

I wrote a fan-fiction :D

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Yes, yes, I’m still drowning in my fan-girling. I couldn’t focus well today, so I wrote a fanfic about Sherlock :D

Check it out here and let me know what you think. (Also, yes, you should know by now I am firmly in favor of Sherlock and John being boyfriends. If that bothers you, you probably shouldn’t read this.) Nothing explicit happens, but there is romance, especially near the end. Enjoy :)

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O.M.G. I am currently drowning in adorable-ness and fan wibbles. I just finished the second season of Sherlock. It was pitch-perfect with the acting, the drama, and the emotion, and  the two leads…ah… let’s face it, those two are definitely secretly in love with each other, they’re just emotionally constipated. I think Sherlock just can’t admit to himself that he’s in love with his friend because he’s still dealing with the concept of “friend”. (I have issues with the treatment of women in the show, but I’m choosing to give it the benefit of the doubt for now that that will suck less later.)

That said, I simply must indulge my fluffy romance impulse, so here’s some adorable for you all to enjoy :)

(I did NOT create any of these, I simply found them on the wilds of the internet.)

Yes, we all know this is what would happen. “Oh.. I’m  just curious.. nothing to it.” “Well… alright then.”
*Both forget they’re experimenting and are only interrupted by comic relief arriving in the form of Mrs. Hudson*

“Want me to dance around for you?” “NO! … maybe.”

Oh…the wibbles this induces. Yes.  Hug your boyfriend properly now Sherlock. You won’t necessarily get away with that “not dying” trick a second time. Now’s a good time to tell him :)

“I WASN’T-… I was just…. I didn’t want him to er… hit his head… yes… … Oh shut up you saw this coming months ago.”

Double so because Sherlock’s abjectly clueless about emotions in general. Watson is less subtle than he thinks. He may not be gay, but he’s certainly Holmesexual.

To be fair… he didn’t FORGET them… he just refused to put them on.

This would definitely not happen if anyone was within miles. Perhaps Mycroft arranged a little ‘holiday’ for them to ‘unwind and take in some nature”? Or just snuggle in the grass. Whichever.

There there Watson, you’ll see him again soon.

Very soon.

30 Day Monster Challenge: Celebrate Monster Girls!

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I celebrated the end of the challenge with some Labyrinth fanart!

(click to en-biggen)


“Evening gentlemen. Either of you wake the Cherub there and it’s the Bog of Eternal Stench for a month.”


“Fine, fine. A week.”


“Er… just keep it down, boys… Now where was I? Ah, yes: ‘And then the princess and her unicorn-”

Sarah has finally decided to admit that she’s kind of into her narcissistic, tight-pantsed, glitter-enthusiast stalker suitor. He’s finally admitted that she totally does have power over him and he’s making good progress on laying off the possessive, controlling creeper routine. She’s taken over the role of Goblin Queen and they’ve been quite happy together for some time.

Oh, and who’s that with them? Looks like it’s another member of Labyrinthine royalty: Ofelia. You all remember Ofelia from Pan’s Labyrinth, don’t you? She even brought some of her fairy friends and the satyr with her (in plush form because holy-shit is he creepy…) I figured that since Ofelia got a terribly sad, depressing ending, I should give her a happier one. See, she was half right. She IS a princess who’s daddy owns a labyrinth kingdom. BUT that kingdom died out while she was waiting to be reborn into the little girl from the movie, so she finds herself in the Goblin Kingdom instead.

Jareth, though he’d die before admitting it, secretly adores kids and kidnaps the ones people wish away because he wants to spoil them and make them happy. After centuries of doing whatever they want, they evolve into goblins and live in the Goblin Kingdom quite happily. He took to sweet little Ofelia immediately and Sarah found her absolutely adorable. She also sees a bit of herself in the backbone-of-iron little girl.

When Ofelia told them she was a princess of the underground kingdom, they said “Why, yes, I do believe you are.” gave her a crown and her own bedroom and adopted her right then and there. They know what she went through in her past life and how she died, so they’re careful to take extra good care of her.

Normally, pixies and fairies are pretty reviled in the Underground. They’re mean and they bite. But Ofelia has a way with fairies and under the influence of the few who came with her, the locals have tamed quite a bit. They even lend a hand with bedtime stories (though they’ll still nip Jareth just for spite on occasion).

That’s it for the challenge prompts for now, folks :) I plan to go back through the list and re-do some of my lazier and/or crappier drawings and to do the list again with male characters, but for now, I’ve got some deadline-sensitive work to finish. Stay tuned for the next episode kids :D

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