Wookie Dance T-shirts

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The Let the Wookie Dance design is now up in my Society 6 shop! There are also throw-pillows, phone cases, etc. (the usual assortment of stuff) if you’re interested in more goodies.

Wookie T-shirt preview

Other designs will be joining these in time, so check back now and again to see what’s new :)

Paramedic Bucky – by request

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As requested: Bucky as a paramedic.

Because I’m a dork.

Out to Dinner – Bucky and Steve mini-comic

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Damn you Tumblr, stop eating my brains with fan-comic/image inspirations!

Based on this prompt.

As usual, click to full-view.







I changed the parent’s gender because why should this comic be about nothing but guys? Also, I feel like lady vets get largely ignored, and that’s BS, so here’s a lady who’s not only a vet, but also an amputee and a loving mom. And yes, she has a bad-ass yellow Stark-tech arm. Because that’s how she rolls.

(I had more fun than is probably normal or healthy drawing the kid and Steve’s fluffy haircuts. I like fluffy hair, what can I say?)

Little Spoon – mildly NSFW

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 Because Tumblr keeps eating my brain.


I think this is the third fluffy snuggle drawing I’ve done of these two… possibly fourth.

Why must they continue to be adorable?

Avengers Gender-bend – Bucky / Winter Soldier

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Janine Rebecca ‘Bucky’ Barnes has been best friends with Christine Rogers since they were kids. One never went without the other. Not even 80 years into the future.



Bucky has always been protecting her smaller, scrappier best friend. Always. Ever since she realized Christine was never going to learn to keep her damned mouth shut and would just keep right on picking fights with everyone and anyone who caused trouble.  She couldn’t stop Chris from getting into trouble, and she couldn’t just let the dumb broad get her rear end kicked for the 80th time, so she started intervening.

Fortunately, Bucky has never been particularly small, and she had enough stubborn to match even Rogers. She grew like a weed into a gangly 11 year old amazon while Christine was still a delicate, freckly little thing, and just kept right on growing. Between fishing her best friend out of street fights and taking odd jobs wherever she could get them, Bucky grew up tall and strong, and she could whip the tar out of most of the boys on their street before she turned 18. She took work in a factory when war loomed, and found out she was good at it.


Bucky is all curves and muscle. She’s gorgeous and she knows it. Christine can’t remember at time that Bucky has ever once paid for her own drinks, and she has a different fella on her arm every week.

The draft can’t touch Bucky, but after Pearl Harbor, she shows up in a uniform, and Chris knows, that’s it. Bucky’s going to war without her, and there’s not a damned thing she can do to stop it.

Christine has just finished bombing out entertaining a very unfriendly audience when she’s informed that they’re all that’s left of Bucky’s unit. True to form, she’s in a commandeered plane on a highly unsanctioned rescue mission within the hour.

She rescues Bucky from that table, and she brings her out of the worst of the fighting, but bucky is never quite the same. Her easy smile is gone. She doesn’t bother with fixing her hair, and she doesn’t much care if the fellas are looking or not. When she falls from the side of a train in a mission gone wrong, Christine follows soon after, crashing a plane into arctic ice. She’s never let Bucky go anywhere without her, and she’s not about to start now.

“But I knew her…”

Bucky likes the way Nathaniel fits under her arm. Likes the small crooked smile he saves just for her. Likes that he understands the awful things they made her do, the guilt she’s always going to feel for it, and doesn’t sugar-coat things like Chris does. That he’s been where she is, and he made it out the other side. If Nate could do it… surely she can too.


Mini-ficlet, because being female does change a small selection of things about her, but also largely because I felt like it :D


More art goodies will be coming. Stay tuned.


Avengers Gender-bend – Black Widow

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Nikita Romanova was once a promising ballet student, before he was forcibly recruited to the KGB and turned into an assassin and spy…


Naturally somewhat short and lean, Nikita relies primarily on his agility and subterfuge, as well as his good looks, to get what he needs. That said, don’t mistake him for just another pretty face. He’s still absurdly flexible and strong from years of ballet training and subsequent years of military training. He has more than once performed what Celeste refers to as his ‘choke a bitch’ move – which mainly involves strangling your target to death with your thighs.


Generally: don’t get on his bad side. He’ll kill you and make it look goooood while he does it.

Nikita goes by the name “Nathaniel Romanoff” now, and just tries to keep the past in the past as much as he can.

He has a sort of dysfunctional vaguely mother/son relationship with SHIELD director Samantha N. Fury. Even if he’d never admit it, he thinks of Samantha like family.
Celeste Barton is his closest friend and one of the few who knows for certain that Nikita is actually bisexual, but he’s also recently struck up an unlikely relationship with Christine Roger’s old friend, Janine ‘Bucky’ Barnes.  The two of them make a terrifyingly intense, but adorable couple.


More genderbends and other goodies are on the way. Stay tuned :D

Avengers Gender-bend – Hawkeye

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Gender-bending goodness continues with Hawkeye!



Do not piss off Celine Barton. Just don’t. She’s got an arrow with your name on it.

More Gender-bends will be coming, as well as more celebrity portraits, more elemental ladies, and more historically awesome ladies (assuming people send me more prompts!)

(Boy-howdy these are fun, but the costumes are frustratingly detailed :p)

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